Brightword Publishing
Circa 2011 -2014


Brightword publishing was a new venture from Harriman House and Enterprise Nation. Brightword produced print books, kits and digital products aimed at a small business and start-up audience. This was their website.
Content is from the site's 2011 - 2014 archived pages providing a glimpse of what this publisher offered .


About Brightword

Brightword publishing is a new venture from Harriman House and Enterprise Nation. Brightword produces print books, kits and digital products aimed at a small business and start-up audience. Providing high quality information from high profile experts in an accessible and approachable way.

At Brightword we are looking to create innovative products and work with authors and corporate partners to provide start-ups with the information they need to succeed.

The world of publishing is changing fast and at Brightword we are looking to be at the forefront of that change - working in partnership with authors to create great products and make the most of the developing technologies. Whilst we create print editions of many of our titles we also produce eBook only titles and are working on a number of apps and enhanced eBooks - bringing in video and interactive elements.

We look to work closely with authors to develop long-term partnerships where each brings their own unique skills to the projects. The authors bring their expert knowledge of the subject and our team bring the ability to edit, package and design content and then use our established channels to market, distribute, promote and sell the product in all relevant formats.

For more information about us and what we do please contact us:

We're always keen to speak to new authors and talk about new book ideas so if you have an idea for a business book, we'd love to hear from you.

As a first step please send a brief email outlining your book idea to the email address below. We'll aim to get back to you quickly with an initial response and then can then provide a full proposal form to complete.


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Business Bites eBooks

Twitter your business by Mark Shaw   Selling for Small Business by Jackie Wade   Finance for Small Business by Emily Coltman   Pitching for Small Business by Laura Rigney

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Hot Titles

   Become a Freelance Writer by Rachael Oku   The StartUp Kit 2013 by Emma Jones   A HouseBeautiful Home Business by Emma Jones   Doing business with Latin America by Gabriela Castro-Fontoura

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The Start up kit by Emma jones

The Start-Up Kit contains everything you need to start and run your own business!

This Kit also contains over £400 of offers from leading brands including 50 free business cards, 200 sales leads and discounts on a website.

A book covering all aspects of starting up - from developing a business idea and setting up a company to marketing your new business, getting that first sale and making the most of the latest tech developments.

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How to Get Your Product to Market by Louise Guinda

How to Get Your Product to Market

A guide to design, manufacturing, marketing and selling
by Louise Guinda
Published 20/01/2014
Format: Paperback
RRP: £11.99
Special Offer: £10.19

A Crash Course in Email Marketing for Small and Medium-sized Businesses by John W. Hayes

A Crash Course in Email Marketing for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

by John W. Hayes
Published 09/08/2013
Format: Pb
RRP: £9.99

A Crash Course in Email Marketing for Small and Medium-sized Businesses by John W. Hayes

A Crash Course in Email Marketing for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

by John W. Hayes
Published 26/07/2013
Format: ePub eBook -
RRP: £3.50

The Business of Creativity by Michael Jacobsen

The Business of Creativity

An expert guide to starting and growing a business in the creative sector
by Michael Jacobsen
Published 24/06/2013
Format: Pb
RRP: £16.99
Special Offer: £11.55

Doing business with Latin America by Gabriela Castro-Fontoura

Doing business with Latin America

An introduction to Brazil, Mexico, Chile and other exciting markets
by Gabriela Castro-Fontoura
Published 04/03/2013
Format: ePub eBook - digital format help
RRP: £5.00

Dear Entrepreneur by Danny Bailey and Andrew Blackman

Dear Entrepreneur

Letters from Those That Have Made it And Are Making It Happen
by Danny Bailey and Andrew Blackman
Published 25/02/2013
Format: Paperback
RRP: £10.99
Special Offer: £9.34

50 Ways To Find Funding For Your Business by Emma Jones

50 Ways To Find Funding For Your Business


Becoming THE Expert by John W. Hayes

Becoming THE Expert

Enhancing Your Business Reputation through Thought Leadership Marketing
by John W. Hayes
Published 07/01/2013
Format: Paperback
RRP: £12.99
Special Offer: £11.04

The StartUp Kit 2013 by Emma Jones

The StartUp Kit 2013

Everything you need to start a small business
by Emma Jones
Published 02/01/2013
Format: Paperback
RRP: £12.99
Special Offer: £11.04

Dear Entrepreneur by Danny Bailey and Andrew Blackman

Dear Entrepreneur

Letters from Those That Have Made it And Are Making It Happen
by Danny Bailey and Andrew Blackman
Published 14/12/2012
Format: ePub eBook - digital format help
RRP: £5.00
Special Offer: £4.25

Design Grow Sell by Sophie Davies

Design Grow Sell

A guide to starting and running a successful gardening business from your home
by Sophie Davies
Published 03/12/2012
Format: Paperback
RRP: £12.99
Special Offer: £11.04

Design Grow Sell by Sophie Davies

Design Grow Sell

A guide to starting and running a successful gardening business from your home
by Sophie Davies
Published 03/12/2012
Format: ePub eBook - digital format help
RRP: £5.00

My Start-Up Plan by Clare Griffiths and Brad Crescenzo

My Start-Up Plan

The business plan toolkit
by Clare Griffiths and Brad Crescenzo
Published 26/11/2012
Format: ePub eBook - digital format help
RRP: £5.00



Brightword Authors

Emma Jones

Emma Jones is founder and editor of Enterprise Nation (, the home business website, and has started two businesses herself from home offices in London, Manchester and rural Shropshire.

Following a career with an international accountancy firm, Emma started her first business at the age of 27 and successfully sold it just 15 months after launch.

The home business website was launched in 2006, and has attracted a regular readership of more than 250,000 people and national press headlines.

Emma has written for Enterprise Nation since its launch and also for the Financial Times, City AM and customer magazines, including for Orange, Microsoft, BT and Viking Direct.

Emma is regularly called upon by the government to speak on the subject of home business and she advises Regional Development Agencies on how to encourage and support homeworking.


Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw is an award-winning ex sales guy that advises and trains businesses and individuals on how to utilise Twitter to gain more business and to be effective with their time. Mark was a very early user of Twitter, having joined in April 2008, and it has been his passion, his love and his full time business ever since. He now has around 14,000 followers. He is author of the book Twitter Your Business and has been interviewed on the radio, published in the media and requested to give talks throughout the UK in his capacity as a Twitter expert. You can follow Mark on Twitter @markshaw.


Laura Rigney

Laura Rigney has been in sales all of her working life. After meeting various individuals who had developed fantastic products but who were unsure of the next step to take in selling these to stores, she realised there was a gap in the market for someone to help businesses do this. She set up Pitcher House with the sole aim of helping individuals get their products listed by major retailers.

Since the launch of her business, Laura has helped many individuals achieve a listing with some of the biggest high street names and international distributors.


Debbie O'Connor

Debbie O'Connor runs Motivating Mum in the UK (, a website which provides support and advice for mums in business and those who are thinking of starting a business. She also works from home as an Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

Originally an accountant, Debbie gave up full-time work nine years ago when pregnant with her first child, and has tried a variety of part-time work and home business options since then, before finding a combination of businesses that suit her personality, her lifestyle and her available time. Since taking over Motivating Mum last year she has discovered a passion for social media, and is currently writing a book about her experience with Twitter.

Debbie believes strongly in balancing work, family and time for herself. When she is not working, keeping house or shuttling her two children between their after-school activities, you will find her singing with the English Chamber Choir.


Sarah-Jane White

Sarah-Jane White is an award-winning business women. Curiosity about what makes people and organisations act and think is what makes her tick. This curiosity is backed by solid experience and robust credentials. Sarah-Jane has been working in brand consultancy and strategic marketing for over 15 years. Her experience covers a wide variety of industries from B2B, financial, FMCG's, the arts and technology sectors. She has a passion for writing and engaging users across different technology platforms.

Renowned for her creative flair and 'can-do' attitude, in 1996 she started a full service creative agency which had multi-million pound revenues and employed over 35 people in two offices, Cambridge and London. Her humour, creativity, flair and sheer business ability made the company an integral part of the community and turned it into a household name. She sold the company in 2008.

Sarah-Jane has won over 35 awards both corporately and personally, including Business Person of the Year three times. She enjoys rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in to the implementation that really brings a concept to life. Whether that's leading a team or working on her own, she thrives on the intellectual and creative challenge of coming up with the ideas that transform a design from 'just another job' into a fully effective piece of communication.

She has a soft spot for not-for-profit organisations and even produced and released a Christmas music single in 2007 to raise money for CLIC Sergeant (available on iTunes).

One of her PR stunts in 2007 made national press and BBC Inside Out made a special programme about the record-breaking crop-circle she created in the shape of a pig.

Her media experience spans the national press, BBC television and radio, Channel 4 and a variety of magazines and journals.
She is a triple CIPR Gold award winner (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) and has participated as a judge for other competitions.

Sarah-Jane has written over 100 articles about topics including branding, design, marketing, using social media, improving your website, marketing effectively, getting more sales, keeping your brand fresh and more.

Awards include:
4 x winner of Chartered Institute for Public Relations Pride Awards
3 x winner Business Woman of the Year
Best Website Sage Business Awards


Jackie Wade

Jackie Wade is the petite and passionate sales dynamo from Dublin. Committed to ethical and professional selling practices, Jackie is focused on helping small businesses succeed in highly competitive marketplaces.

Jackie's love affair with sales and selling began when, aged six, she took charge of the 'sweetie department' in her grandmother's corner shop in Ireland and quickly found a way of earning some real pocket money for the first time. A series of (un)fortunate events during her teenage years, resulted in her running a number of market stalls across the city, and developing a natural flair for cross-selling, upselling and generally winning sales in hard times. Her career took an international twist when aged 21, she graduated with a degree in International Marketing and Languages and had the opportunity of supporting Irish Software Companies looking to expand into European markets. Her wanderlust and international sales career boasts over 15 years of global business development, working in practically every corner of the globe, spear-heading real growth across a diverse range of companies.

In 2000, following the birth of her twins, Jackie parked her international corporate heels and set up her own business as a sales consultant and trainer; in 2004 the company became "Winning Sales". In just a few years, she has become a sought-after sales trainer, working in football's premiership boardrooms, top universities and law firms, as well as with a host of local businesses and enterprise agencies. Whether as a trainer, coach or motivational speaker, Jackie's Irish charm and self-deprecating humour, knowledgeable content and memorable case studies all serve to inspire and motivate audiences of every background across the globe.


Emily Coltman

Emily Coltman, Chief Accountant to FreeAgent, is a very unusual Chartered Accountant - she communicates in plain English as well as accounting-speak!

After graduating from the University of Cambridge, she trained and qualified with growing accountancy practice Cannon Moorcroft, where she looked after accounts and tax for a portfolio of micro-business clients.

This gave her a keen interest in accounting software and training, which led to starting up her own business making screen-capture tutorial videos, and later to joining FreeAgent, where she works with worldwide small businesses to help them use this simple online accounting system to keep their books in real time.

Emily is passionate about helping the owners of small and growing businesses to escape their fear of 'the numbers', and believes that, with the right tools and guidance - some of which she aims to provide in this book, absolutely anyone, even if they were hopeless at maths at school - can learn to look after the finances of a small business.


Marilyn Messik

A regular contributor to national magazines when her children were small, Marilyn Messik set up a children's party business in the early '80s, opening first one shop and then another. At the end of the '80s Marilyn moved into the travel market, focusing on New England in the USA

Her advisory, planning and booking service flourished and she concurrently set up a publishing company to make information more widely available. U.S. Welcome Selected Hotels & Inns, an annual publication was a lush, full colour guide to independent hotels, inns and B&Bs; which eventually grew to take in unique accommodation all over America.

The success of the book led to invitations to speak at industry conferences and Marilyn served a three year term as a Board Member of the Professional Association of Innkeepers and was made an honorary member of the New England Innkeepers Association for her work in promoting that area.

As a niche company, marketing and promotional budgets were tight but strategic alliances with far larger organisations such as North West Airlines, Johansens and the Debenhams Group offered the opportunity to reach optimum numbers of targeted consumers and the Selected Hotels & Inns guide was finally bought out by Thomas Cook Publishing.

In 2007, Marilyn set up a copywriting consultancy, Create Communication to work with businesses of all types and sizes, helping them shape their messages to optimum effect. She's become a serial networker on the business women's circuit, holds communication workshops, and has written the series of Little Black Business Books for people who don't believe in miracles!


David Howell

Dave Howell is Nexus Publishing. He has been working as a freelance writer, journalist and publisher for the last 20 years, specialising in technology and business subjects. His work has appeared in the national press and many of the leading technology and business magazines.

Nexus Publishing is a writing and publishing service that specialises in business and technology content creation. From consumer magazines to highly specialist trade journals, David's writing has appeared in a wide range of publications. As a business writing service, Nexus Publishing is also a micro publisher of print magazines and e-publications.


Country Living

Emma Jones is a business expert and author, and founder of small business support company Enterprise Nation. Her books include 'Spare Room Start Up', 'Working 5 to 9 ', 'Go Global' and 'The Start Up Kit'.

Following a five year career at an international accounting firm, Emma started her first business at 27, from a spare room in her Manchester apartment. That business was sold 18 months later, and the experience led to Emma's next venture, Enterprise Nation. Its website ( was launched in 2006 and became the most popular for home business owners in the UK, attracting over 100,000 visitors each month.

Enterprise Nation has evolved to help even more would-be entrepreneurs. It now produces books, kits, online tools, video clips, friendly forums and weekly classes for anyone wanting to start and grow a small business.

Emma is also a co-founder of national campaign, StartUp Britain.

Louise Hinchen is a publishing professional based in Hampshire. She graduated in English Literature from the University of Warwick and went on to complete a Masters in Creative & Media Writing at Swansea University. Louise currently works for the publishing arm of Enterprise Nation, Brightword Publishing.



Karen James

Karen James has run a successful virtual assistant business, Cloud VA, since 2004, providing administrative support to small businesses across the UK (and in France & Spain!).

Karen spent 16 years as a Secretary before going back to college at the age of 32 to gain a Degree in Business Management and a Promotional Practice qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. After three years as a Marketing Manager for a small pub chain, redundancy prompted her to look at self-employment and Cloud VA was born.

Having built up a solid reputation as a virtual assistant it made sense to add social media marketing support to Cloud VA's services. She has helped many business owners set up their social media accounts, giving them practical advice in simple terms on a one-to-one basis and in a workshop setting. She also helps clients develop social media plans that integrate with their marketing strategy helping them to build brand awareness and generate leads online.

Karen is passionate about giving small businesses the tools and knowledge they need to use social media as part of their promotional mix.


Charles Boundy

After qualifying as a solicitor Charles joined a London city firm, rising quickly to partner. After a stint in a smaller practice, he started his own firm, which he ran and built up over several years before merging with another central London firm, becoming managing partner of the combined 35 partner practice some five years later. Having initially dealt with property matters he moved to company and commercial work, specialising for a period in employment law after ceasing his managing partner role, and then handled a broad range of merger and acquisitions work coupled with commercial contracts.

He has long had an affinity with the developing businesses, acting for a range of family and other private companies in a variety of business fields. He devised and gave seminars on 'Law for Entrepreneurs' at Cranfield Management School and for many years ran updates on company and commercial law at a Cambridge college for those returning to the law. In 2004 he decided to go in-house with one of his major clients, The Random House Group Limited, where he built up and ran the legal function as Group Legal Director, recruiting and training his successor.

He has written 'A Concise Business Guide to Contract Law' (1998) and 'Business Contracts Handbook' (2010), both published by Gower/Ashgate. He holds a Cambridge MA and an MPhil in Critical Management from Lancaster University Management School.

Other activities include family, friends, walking, France, travel, wine, music and writing generally (including history and fiction).


John W. Hayes

John W. Hayes has been helping small and medium-sized companies develop their business strategies online for almost as long as the Internet has been in the general public's consciousness. Working alongside some of the biggest names in ecommerce and online marketing (including Amazon, eBay and Google), he has dedicated much of his career to demystifying the web and highlighting opportunities for real world businesses to grow. As the author of numerous white papers, blog posts and guest editorials across a wide range of trade and mainstream publications he is widely recognised as an influential Thought Leader in the SME online marketing arena. In his first book, Becoming THE Expert: Enhancing Your Business Reputation through Thought Leadership Marketing, he shares his tips and tactics for positioning yourself as an industry expert and building your business on the back of a solid campaign of Thought Leadership Marketing.


Joanne Dewberry

Joanne Dewberry started her first business Charlie Moo's just before the birth of her second child Megan in 2008. Disheartened by the party bags that Charlie had received at parties she decided she could do better and so Charlie Moo's was born. Not a natural crafter nor had she sewn before, Joanne soon discovered how therapeutic sewing could be. Along the way she has learnt many new business skills which she is passionate about sharing with small business owners and in particular mums. With 3 children under 5 years herself Joanne understands the constraints on mums in business. Her passion and dedication earned her the title of Dorset Business Mum of the Year 2010 along with numerous other business accolades in the past 3 years.

Joanne is passionate about small business and writes a blog providing small businesses training, advice & networking in areas of social media, marketing and juggling children and a business.


David Sandy

David Sandy is a true "5 to 9er" working for the NHS as a Web Developer during daylight hours and at all other times running Integreat Media; a web-design and development company based in Berkshire. Integreat Media works with other small and medium sized businesses creating functional, well-structured websites that are accessible and informative.

Extensive experience in the public and private sectors, small and large enterprises, has exposed him to a wide range of technology hardware, software and tools.

As an advocate for open source products David is not easily swayed by glossy commercial sales offerings, preferring instead to find the right technology which boosts productivity and makes business more efficient through research and hands on experience.

His keen business acumen has seen him featured in Emma Jones "Working 5 to 9" book and by Sunday Times Enterprise Editor Rachel Bridge in "How to make a million before lunch", as well as the national press.


Bruce McMichael

Bruce McMichael has worked as a freelance writer, journalist and publisher for over 20 years and is passionate about local food, inspired by local provenance through meeting and learning from the producers and chefs.

Bruce published and edited a local food magazine, Taste Shropshire which included news and reviews of local food producers, restaurant and hotel reviews and local and regional recipes.

As a regular user of local farmers' markets, food fairs and festivals he has spoken with hundreds of individual local producers, and small to medium sized businesses eager to share their experiences of working as a food entrepreneurs.

With a post-graduate degree in marketing, he has gained experience in international book retailing and sales which enable him to travel extensively, visiting many different types of fresh food markets around Europe, the USA and Asia.

Bruce is an experienced public speaker and conference chair and has judged many cooking competitions including 'Curry Chef of the Year' organised by Shropshire Council; a best Fidget Pie challenge run by the famous Ludlow Food Festival and a Best Sausage competition run by the regional food group Heart of England Fine Foods.


Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson has been a journalist, a marketing director of a £33m turnover business and worked in two large PR agencies for clients that ranged from multinational PLCs, to charities, not-for-profits and start-ups.

His frustration with a lack of transparency in the PR industry led him to set up his own PR consultancy, Press For Attention PR. Since its formation in 2008, Greg has sought to blend the skills and experience he gained from working with some of the biggest brands and organisations in the UK, with a straightforward and streamlined approach to PR that allows even the smallest budgets to compete for share of voice in a noisy market.


Alison Lewy

Alison Lewy ran her own fashion label for 15 years and is founder of Fashion Angel, a fashion business accelerator that offers support to both emerging and established fashion industry entrepreneurs.

As well as successfully designing and building her own label, Alison set up production agency Skin Solutions and worked with high-end designers including Matthew Williamson and Preen on product development and manufacturing.

Her extensive industry background resulted in working as a consultant for Newham College, managing the Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) for textiles, manufacturing and design projects. The results of the research undertaken by Alison with fashion and textile SMEs formed the basis of new vocational curriculum and the development of innovative business support and mentoring programmes for the fashion sector.

Alison went on to run the Fashion and Textile Museum for six years where the constant demand from designers lacking the business and entrepreneurial skills they needed to set up their business led her to setting up Fashion Angel and the Fashion Angel Business Club.

Alison was keen that others should have access to the same invaluable support, that she had been lucky enough to receive, having worked with a business mentor for a large part of her professional life.


Lola Bailey

Lola Bailey MA (HRM) has over 20 years 'blue-chip' experience in coaching, sales and market development, and is an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Digital Marketing.

Lola is also a freelance writer who has successfully published and edited a small business magazine and featured in local newspapers and Enterprise Nation's 'bible' for small businesses Working 5 to 9. She is an enthusiastic champion of start-ups, supporting their endeavours both off and online. Her online business hub, where small businesses and start-ups can learn internet marketing strategies can be found at The site and its social media counterparts have been built using most of the techniques found in this book.

Lola lives in London and is married with two children.


Chloe Askwith

Chloe Askwith is an experienced negotiator and working mother. Chloe has worked for over 15 years in film and television both buying and selling across Europe the Middle East and Africa. She has experience of working with large corporations and small start up companies with deals from a few hundred pounds to many millions. While having a large amount of negotiating experience, Chloe also understands the needs of start up businesses first hand.


Brad Crescenzo

Clare Griffiths has been working as a business support practitioner and enterprise educator/lecturer for the last 10 years, working with businesses ranging from choreographers to printing companies, and everything in between. Currently she works at the University of Brighton, and is responsible for managing the university's extra-curricular entrepreneurship programme, as well as developing the entrepreneurship strategic agenda there. She is also Director of The Ideas People, a company which builds the skills and capacity of today's and tomorrow's innovators through practical innovation management training and bespoke consultancy services. She is passionate about helping others to develop their ideas and ventures, and in 2009 she was awarded National Enterprise Champion for her work by the National Centre for Education in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Educators UK.

From a young age Brad Crescenzo has filled every imaginable position across a number of family owned restaurants and cafes in Brighton, which helped stimulate an early interest in business. Currently working at the University of Brighton, he has been helping students and graduates to develop their business skills, attitudes and ideas for ventures over the past six years. Brad has previously also held a variety of positions in Australia, Ecuador and Spain and been involved with a number of creative projects in the UK.


Sophie Davies

Sophie Davies is an experienced journalist who studied garden design at the English Gardening School. Today, when not writing or designing, she spends her free time gardening at her home in West Sussex.


Andrew Blackman

Danny Bailey is a highly motivated 9-5 guy that loves thinking up new ideas and fiddling around with the backend of websites. He came up with the idea of Dear Entrepreneur by putting together his knowledge of publishing and business. He is a keen middle distance runner and general fitness fanatic.

Andrew Blackman is a final year university student studying Finance and Business. Having made his mind up from an early age that working in an office from 9-5 is not for him, he has actively pursued alternative avenues. His aim is to start up his own company once he graduates. He is a very keen sailor and football spectator.

You can follow Danny and Andrew on Twitter @deartrep.


Gabriela Castro-Fontoura

Gabriela Castro-Fontoura was born in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, in South America. From a very young age, Gabriela was fascinated by other cultures. After achieving the top score in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, she was offered a rare scholarship to study Economics at the University of Durham in the UK. That was the start of a long love affair with Britain - living in England, Scotland and Wales for over 13 years. After 10 years of working as a consultant, Gabriela set up her own business - Sunny Sky Solutions - with the aim of acting as a bridge between businesses in the UK and her native Latin America.

Through Sunny Sky Solutions, Gabriela has supported businesses at all stages of expanding into Latin America. From those that hadn't even considered it to those that had done some research to those that were already present in the continent. As a process expert, Gabriela has supported businesses in various sectors such as energy, food and drink, and nursery products, being a strong supporter of British manufacturing and a great believer in the potential of British SMEs to export their goods and services. Her services have been used not only by UK businesses but also by those from other countries such as Spain and Australia.

A prolific communicator, Gabriela has presented on doing business in Latin America at various events such as those organised by local Chambers of Commerce across the UK, UKTI, the Institute of Export, and StartUp Britain. She is often requested to write for trade press, such as Global Trader Magazine and Lloyds Loading List, and contributes regularly to popular business blogs. Her twitter feed has now a loyal following who not only keep up-to-date with news and developments but also benefit from a forum to exchange views and experience, and connect with other experts and businesses.
As a native Latin American, Gabriela always emphasises the importance of win-win in international trade. She has great belief in the potential of Latin America to grow sustainably, and insists on working only with those businesses that have something to offer that will improve the quality of life of her fellow Latin Americans.

Exciting times for Gabriela, too, since in January 2013 she relocated back to Montevideo, after 13 years in the UK, with the aim of supporting British businesses from within the continent. As her expertise and contacts develop from her strategic South American base, Gabriela will continue to share with us news, advice, tips and anecdotes from this wonderfully rich continent.


Rachael Oku

Rachael Oku is an editor, editorial consultant and freelance writer living in London.

Beginning her career in the world of fashion PR in 2008, Rachael's passion for writing soon took over and saw her secure senior editorial roles within niche fashion and lifestyle publications such as Amelia's, The Hub, and award-winning SIX.

Additionally, Rachael has written copy for numerous brands and publications and has consulted for a variety of organisations such as the British Council.

Throughout her editorial career, Rachael's central task has been to build up a network of reliable freelance writers. Putting her insider knowledge, expertise and contact book to good use she founded Creative-Bloc, a social enterprise for freelance writers, in 2012.
Sharing advice, industry tips, news and global job opportunities, Creative-Bloc offers writers the commercial advice and support necessary to succeed in a competitive freelance environment.
When she's not on deadline, Rachael can often be found on Twitter encouraging freelancers to 'think like a business' via @Creative__Bloc.

Become a Freelance Writer is Rachael's first book.


Michael Jacobsen

Michael Jacobsen is an Australian-born serial entrepreneur, now based in Europe. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree from UTS in Sydney and a financial diploma from the Australian Securities Institute. He is active in UK and European business and is also an angel investor and business mentor to start ups, growth businesses and businesses in the creative sector, predominantly in the UK and Europe. He sits on the board of the world-renowned Australian Centre for Event Management, a division of the business faculty at the University of Technology Sydney.

Michael co-founded/owned and was founding co-producer of 'Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story on Stage', which held its world premiere in Australia in 2004 and has since played in Holland, Canada, the USA, Germany and London's West End. It set box office records in Germany, Canada and London and is one of the most successful live entertainment products ever staged in terms of ticket sales and revenue.

Michael also co-founded and developed the 13,000-seat Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, and sat on the board as an executive director. For a number of years he was also on the board of the 2000-seat Capitol Theatre in Sydney and was CEO and board member of the 12,000-seat Sydney Entertainment Centre for six years. He has also been involved in the promotion of concert tours by numerous leading artists including Elton John, Bruce Springsteen and Barbra Streisand.

Alongside his own entrepreneurial activities, Michael is active as a business mentor in the UK and Europe. He has taken numerous companies to market and worked with others on how to become investable - assisting them in gaining finance, venture capital and private equity.

Michael is passionate about education and in addition to his work as a business mentor, he lectures at universities in London, is a mentor at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, sits on the steering committee for NACUE Create (National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs), has acted as a resident entrepreneur for the StartUp Britain campaign and is a mentor for the Doug Richard School for Creative Startups.


Louise Guinda

Louise Guinda is mum to Ali, aged four, and lives in Aberdeen. The idea of developing her product, the Cot Wrap, a breathable cot bumper, came to Louise four years ago, after Ali suffered a near-tragedy while sleeping too close to his thick, quilted cot bumper.

The Cot Wrap is now the top selling cot bumper on and is exported throughout Europe. In 2012, the product won the Bounty Made by Mum and Dad Gold Award, beating 24 other products. Louise's second range of products, Safebreathe toys, were finalists in the prestigious Kind und Jugend Innovation Awards (the 'Oscars' of the nursery industry) and were snapped up by high street chain JoJo Maman Bebe from launch.